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We are residing in a very competitive world these days. So a successful person’s responsibility is to overcome these competitions in every step of his life. Even students and employed personnel’s duty is to build up strength and overcome these competitive hurdles in their life. In order to overcome these competitive hurdles, government and various organisations are conducting several competitive exams in which the best selected students are awarded and also provided with various facilities to help them pursue their higher education. But most of the parents and the students are unaware of these competitive exams. Hardly few people take an active part in encouraging and bringing up these competitive exams.

Prajna Education Trust recognised these hurdles and finally took steps to educate students and parents relating the importance and need of these competitive exams and also provided them with various important tips to succeed in these competitive exams due to which it has encouraged various students to actively participate in these competitive exams.

Thus with this spirit Prajna Education Trust which was established in the year 2007 within a very short period of 2 years, has succeeded to reach greater heights by providing thousands of students with good and affective training in these fields in various centres of the DK District.
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For Class 4th to 9th
Exam Date : 20/04/2014
Exam Centre : Taluk Center (View broucher)
Marks : 100
Subjects : Science, Maths, Social, English/Kannada, Mental Abiliy,                    General Knowledge, Attitude
State Education Dept. :-
National Education Dept. :-
Navodaya :-
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